I generate imaginative ideas, and encourage others to pursue theirs.

This website began as just a one-page portfolio to showcase my design and photography work. But in 2015, that changed. I had many questions. Questions I thought were new to me, but when I paused, I realized they had been present for a long time in my heart.

Questions like:

  • What is it that I really want out of life?
  • How do I create art, design, photography or anything that makes a difference?
  • Can I make a living doing what I love to do?
  • Is there a community of creatives, in Atlanta and beyond, that have found that sweet spot – where passion meets social need – and are making a difference in this world? What can I learn from them? (see how a snuck another question in there? I’m efficient like that)

So I began my quest to answer these questions.  I started a blog to keep track of the journey. I became intentional with my time, the podcasts I listen to, the people I follow and the books I read.

So that’s what this is about. I’m on my way to being my truest self. To live the life I was made to live. To create the things I was made to create and not just settle for a cozy life.

And I know this road will not be easy. I have good days and I have bad days. Sometimes I know what I want to do with my life, and other times I don’t have a clue. It’s a constant struggle.

Discover your own calling by joining me on my journey. We can do this, together. Just enter your info in the form below:

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