Cameroon, Africa

In January of 2015, my wife and I had the privilege to travel to Cameroon, Africa with some dear friends of ours. A few years ago, a woman from our church, Sherri, decided to give up her medical practice and move there to be a missionary. She is amazing. She’s such a visionary and an inspiration to watch as she chases her dreams. We went to encourage her, help plan for the future, see the school and the church she’s planted, and join in outreach in the community. This was our first time in Africa and we absolutely loved it. The people were so filled with joy and life. And boy do they dance during church! Never had I felt so completely incompetent in the subject of rhythm as I did during the worship services we were a part of. I am not a good dancer. Anyway, we made some great friends, laughed a lot, prayed for hundreds of people and saw miracles. Here are some photos from the trip:


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