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Words have the power to shape our lives, light our paths, and motivate us to do the work we are called to do.

As I get older, and (hopefully) wiser, I’m realizing how important it is to focus on positive things. It’s so easy to feel discouraged and throw a pity party when things aren’t going my way. But when I give thanks for the creative gifts I’ve been given, and choose to push the negative thoughts aside, I’ve found my motivation to push through increases.

That’s why I’ve designed three printables for my home office. Three simple quotes to remind me to push through, keep practicing and keep creating. And I thought others may enjoy a dose of motivation too, so I’m giving them away for free!

 You can download your free art printables by entering your email below:


Here are the Three Quotes:

  1. Comfort Never Leads to Excellence – Jeff Goins, Author of The Art of Work
  2. Can anything be sadder than work left unfinished? Yes, work never begun – Christina Rossetti
  3. Dude, You Got This – Not really a quote, just a helpful reminder 😉

Free Download | Printables for the Creative Starter Free Download |Printables for the Creative Starter

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