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About Me

As long as I can remember, I’ve always been creating.

From coloring books, to drawing, to music, to graphic design and then  to photography.

If I’m creating something, I’m being who I was meant to be.

My  life’s journey has given rise to a passion to use this creativity to bring joy, hope and good to people. I truly believe I’ve been given gifts. And if I can’t use those gifts to touch another person’s life. That would be a shame.

You can learn more about me here

  • Web Design

    Over 10 years experience creating beautiful layouts for websites, with usability in mind and attention to detail.

  • HTML & CSS

    You know those type of people that get excited about code and what it can do? Yeah, that’s me.

  • I Can Play Guitar

    Just thought you’d like to know, that’s all.

Some design work I’m particularly fond of

Officially, I’ve been designing since 2004.
But unofficially, I’d say it started around age 3 when I discovered the sweet aroma of Crayola.

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